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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maybe, just maybe

I saw Dr. Brain today.  She's a bit puzzled by why I'm doing so well on so little (for me, it's still a lot for most people) Depakote, especially since Depakote has been the foundation of my med cocktail for so long.  But I'm doing it.

I'm having bloodwork this week, and the level is expected to be low.  If it is (which it will be unless I suddenly started metabolizing it differently than the past almost 7 years), then we'll be attempting to wean me totally off it.

That would be amazing.  Considering that less than 2 years ago I was on high doses of both Depakote (very high) and Seroquel, plus lithium, plus a variety of other meds (antidepressants, various anxiety meds, etc) and not doing great, the fact we potentially are discussing me being on a normal Seroquel dose plus low dose antidepressants and low dose lithium is incredible.  It somewhat frightens me, as at least now my body is used to all this medication and there wouldn't be such a harsh adjustment if I needed more.  But I haven't needed more in so, so long.

This whole bipolar thing is SO WEIRD.


Shari said...

I agree with you that the whole Bipolar thing is 'weird'. I never know what to expect each morning and it's hard on my family!

thordora said...

Sometimes I wonder if there isn't some sort of ebb and flow with it-regardless of patterns, I find I'll go months with little to no breakthrough in terms of mood explosions, and then WHAM I'll have weeks of utter shite.

This is fab news for you though. I hope it lasts.