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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Many times over the last years, in fact every.single.time I've tried to find clothes that fit, I have posted frustrated stories of how overweight women are maligned by the fashion industry. I still firmly believe this.

Today though, I had something awesome happen. I went shopping and for the first time since I started the ultra-high doses of Depakote and then Seroquel, I fit in clothing for non-obese women. In fact, today was rather humerous as the full extent of my weight loss was clear as I wore shorts from last year that were so large that they had to be pulled up to my bra to qualify as shorts, and a shirt that I was swimming in.

I've lost 25 lbs. and then haven't looked at a scale in quite a while. Even as the weight loss has slowed it has seemed to continue re-distrubuting weight around and I'm more balanced than I was before. Before the weight was in what I've noticed to be a common pattern for those on atypicals: lots of belly fat, little on extremities.

I will never underappreciate clothes that fit me all the way around again. I made someone laugh because I was so excited to show my mother that Misses pants fit. It was the biggest size, but the size below almost fits.

And that is about all of interest that has occurred around here lately.

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