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Friday, February 19, 2010


During the years I was constantly extremely ill I really screwed up my credit score. Making payments was just too hard to keep up with. So I didn't. I also over the last several years have been forced to put medical bills on credit cards at times, which means my credit card debt is way too high, especially combined with student loans. So my credit score has been bad.

I've been working very hard over the last year and a half to fix it. Today I ran my free annual credit thing and then got credit scores. And I'm finally up to an average score, and I'm in the mid-range for that. Two years ago I was at the lower end of poor, headed toward extremely poor. This is very important since I need to buy a new car in the next few years and need decent credit. If I can just keep doing well I will be up to a good within the next year, I hope. My credit card debt is about to lower by a big chunk as my furnace is on there, waiting for taxes and my tax $ should come today.

So now I have one less thing to really obsess about. :)

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