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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post 1001: Whining

I'm sick. I'm not as sick as I'll probably get, as this cold/influenza (what I think it really is) takes a few days to build up. But I do not feel good. And I'm so, so, so tired from it. I am achy and had a low temp I think, and all I wanted was to get my patients seen and go home on time. Instead I did my 2 evals at one building, drove to the other, and found that my assistant had changed the schedule because she thought I might get there too late to see these people (not that you can't reach me by cell or text easily or anything), and so she just changed things. And the way she changed things meant that she scheduled me for every single patient to be one on one. Which added to there being 3 evals in there and that as per usual I had more than hours of patient care plus 45 minutes of travel time in the day, plus these extra papers to fill out, meant that I worked 10.5 hours. Now, she is sicker than I am. But she also had yesterday off and she doesn't work overtime every.single.day. I am not complaining, I need the $, but I also need a break. I'm exhausted and getting sick and my schedule is not going to let me take a day off sick until about Friday no matter how lousy I feel, and if I take that off then I don't get paid and I'll just make Monday miserable for myself. Plus, if I worked that long today i want paid for it.

I hate days like this. I wind up short-changing people, which isn't fair to them but I have to get time to go home somehow. (There are all these rules about who can be doubled up).

Mainly though I'm frustrated because while I know my assistant doesn't feel good, neither do I, and I don't screw with her schedule, ever. And she doesn't want overtime so she never, ever works it, while I get little to no choice.

And I'm so achy. It hurts to cough, and I'm not even really into that stage yet. I'm also fighting with losing my voice. Which would be a problem.

And I ordered stuff to finish this big thing I've been making my sister and somehow the order didn't go through, and that's frustrating because now it's unlikely to be done this weekend.

I'm just so worn out. I'm probably going to request antibiotics tomorrow from Dr. Body, because urgent care is always a disaster with these things, he knows that if I get a cold I'll soon have a sinus infection because of my med restrictions, and he's changing practices next week so I don't have a lot of chance to do anything else. I just do not have time to go see him. I couldn't manage it without having to work nightmare hours and I'm already doing that.

Also, there's a big difference between working 42-43 hours and 47-4 hours. Just an observation. And when I've said overtime is ok I was thinking more in the 42-43 hour range........

Sorry for the grumbling. Nobody to listen here. And talking doesn't feel so great. Typing doesn't hurt.


Michal Ann said...

Jen, I'm SOOO sorry you're getting sicker! I've had the crud for over a week and the cough is the worst! My back ached a lot in the first few days. PLEASE try to take care of yourself...

Praying...rejoicing yesterday, commiserating today.

"Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep."
Romans 12:15

Jean Grey said...

(It's Emilija)
It's funny, whenever I get sick, I have this feeling like I should be exhempt from this because I am sick enough with my mood disorder! Whenever I call out sick for a physical illness, it is a weird feeling. As for the work, I hear you. My new job is a lot more hours and a lot longer communte. Most days I work 10 plus hours, and spend 90minutes plus communiting. And of course I only get paid for 8 hour days. The difference that just an extra hour or two a day of work makes in the day is huge, when it is every day.

Just Me said...

I agree. I think I feel like I've used up my sick quota.

I also get mad whenever I get sick because I know that I'm probably going to get sicker than my coworkers because they can take cold meds, while I inevitably get sinus infections from lack of treatment. At least my doctor and I have agreed that its better to treat with antibiotics as soon as sinus infection sx star thanks to knowing what happens every single time.

I didn't know you got a new job. Hand therapy? Commuting is an aquired tolerance. I enjoy it now. Although for your it's different than driving the rural roads I do. I just listen to lots of books on CD.