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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I talked to Dr.Body today. He called in some antibiotics for me and called to thank me for telling him about the awful urologist. Apparently he doesn't know her, just knew she was the only female locally in that speciality, and he didn't know much about her. However, I was correct (as I knew I was because the whole point of him making the appt etc was to make sure that I was treated sensitively) that much of the 2 pages he had written out for her very specifically said that I had been sexually traumatized and could only deal with this exam if given with significant sedation. So she had no business arguing with me over it. And now she not only lost me, she probably lost a potential referral source because he said (and he's right) that what happened there is just not right. The part where I'll have to pay some of her fees because of an insurance glitch also isn't right since she did NOTHING but argue with me, that whatever. Medical bills just run together at this point.

Hopefully the antibiotics help. I'm so very tired and it hurts to cough or swallow. I've had a busy week and I just want to get done early the next 2 days and sleep.

And tomorrow is "tell all" day with Dr. Mind. Oddly I'm really not all that nervous. I don't know how much talking there is going to be, it could be that the info will be enough. Not likely, but I can hope.

Being sick has wiped my appetite out further. Now all I want is cinnamon toast, tea, and occasionally yogurt. At least yogurt is on the list since I'm on a strong antibiotic for a week.

Falling asleep. More tomorrow.

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