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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sorry for no posts. I am enjoying (ha) my last period and it's trying to kill me. I've not slept nor stood/sat straight in days. My belly is pretty sure someone kicked me.I had to leave my patch off for a few days because I got some hives. I moved my Dr. Mind visit from Monday to Thursday but totally forgot that I had no more Seroquel. Pretty much everything else I had a supply of, but I had 150 mg and I take 750/night. I was going to go up to get it today but the can't sit up straight thing is an issue. It wouldn't matter, I can't get comfortable enough to sleep but my body is also not used to missed meds. Oh well. It's amazing we made it 8 months before this happened. Of course it happened because I've used the spares over time and didn't replace them, but that is just stupid on my part. And that is all I've done. I'm reading, knitting and playing with the increasingly boring internet. Hopefully more soon, when I'm doing anything interesting again. Copyright 2006 www.masterofirony.blogspot.com

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Michal Ann said...

Keep writing when you can. I'm interested to know how you're doing without Seroquel. Yeah, squirrel a little more away for such times. That's a good idea but you're not stupid. (I say that to myself reflexively, just the word "STUPID!" but I'm sure my heart gets the rude message. Stupid, eh?)

I've been praying for you, my dear. Have you gained any relief? I wish you could walk around to help with the cramps. Does anything like the famous old knee chest position help?

I'm with ya!

Love, Michal