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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

One night of sleep

Last night I slept.  I have no idea why.  I didn't take valium because I had to be able to wake up when someone came to help remove the huge branch that fell from a tree yesterday, blocking the driveway.  I can't remember when I fell asleep, only that I was surprised that I felt somewhat tired and decided to try closing my eyes and then I was waking up and thinking that I'd slept a little while.  I was awake for about an hour and then slept again and took a nap this afternoon as well.  Right now I feel tired but I am not going to guess whether I'll fall asleep or not tonight until I know.  If things have fixed themselves I'll be stunned as that's never happened before but I am so thrilled to not feel sick from exhaustion that I know I can survive another night if tonight is bad. 

Tomorrow I go back to see Dr Mind, mostly just to check in and show that I'm still ok.  This is partly because I haven't been good the last few times I saw him and partly just another of the things that I have to do until people are confident that I won't do the dangerously suicidal thing again.  Because the last time was really serious and I stayed that way for so long I have a long time (if ever) before they will really trust me on that again.  It got so close to being really bad without my saying anything.  So I live with this still and I understand but it still feels kind of weird.

But anyway, I finally did sleep and if I am very fortunate my brain will decide to turn this around.  Especially since I haven't heard back about moving my appointment with Dr. Brain up.  She and her secretary were off when I called and the person covering said she'd send an email.  I have no idea what that means in terms of what Dr. Brain actually sees or is aware of.  And I hate to call again because they didn't say how long she was off and I don't want to pester her, especially if I call and she's only been back 3 hours and I'm bugging her.  Or something like that that probably wouldn't happen. 

More to come, hopefully positive.

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