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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The good and the bad

The good is that I'm handling what I have to do well. I let the anger burn off first and I have planned a calm way to handle it tomorrow.

The bad part is that it's something really hard for me.

One of my assistants has a few years of experience. She doesn't go forth into new territory often. She wants rid of hard patients.

I of course can't let that happen. I try to generally balance out hard people among the 5 of us. Two of us (the manager and I) are supposed to have reduced caseloads; we both enjoy hard people. She likes neuro treatments and I like patients who need a lot of trust. Medicare changed some things making me have to do administrative paperwork more rapidly; this is changing my caseload to only a few hours per day. I think. So among the other 3 I try to spread out the challenging people. We've had a lot of those lately. And because I see this person not always taking big steps to help her patients I've been keeping the distribution the same but giving her a few really challenging people.

One person I treated myself for a bit and had no trouble with is not doing well with this therapist. And I wouldn't stop her treatment today, so the therapist wrote a note that could cause an automatic (and founded based on wording) denial and get me in trouble for signing it and continuing to treat.

Generally I don't read every word that crosses my desk. I've told everyone that. I will now be reading every word from this woman.

I know how to approach this. I know how badly I've done it in the past. I know how important it is, and that she HAS to learn how to function with harder patients.

But she's going to be really mad. And this is going to be worsened because the 2 people above me are out of the office tomorrow and I don't work Thursday, so she'll have a lot of time to complain before I'm there again.

It's the first time I've really dug my heels in at this job, and won't be the last. Tomorrow in some ways is good because a number of people are off and she'll have less support. Nonetheless, it stinks in some ways.

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