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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Solution at Last

For months now I've been (hesitantly but trying to maintain my usual level of openness) posting about the horrible constipation that has caused much pain and frustration over the months since I started Seroquel. Ultimately the untreatable constipation plus my signs of dehydration were what led the doctor to question the possiblity of diabetes insipidus.

We've treated the diabetes insipidus successfully for a few months now. My labs are good and I'm peeing normally most days. But the constipation continued and if anything worsened. The meds simply weren't effective.

Last week I had my CT scan. I had to drink barium and someone warned me that this can make you constipated. I was worried about that given my usual situation. When I was in target I grabbed a bottle of flaxseed oil caplets since my doctor has approved that in the past for depression.

I'm taking only 1 per day instead of the recommended 2-3. Already I'm able to say it is definetely helping, a lot. I may even get to try reducing the stool softener I'm taking huge amounts of if I can increase again.

I hope this is the last on this topic.

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