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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Too sensitive?

People where I work are not careful about how they say things. I have heard the word "retard" more in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years. Until I got pushy about it there also was "psycho" and varities of t hat as well. That still happens too, but a bit less.

I've told people I'm bipolar. They have no clue how bad my situation is; they seem to think it's minor, or that because it's controlled with meds it can't be bad enough to make me as sick as what they consider "crazy" people.

We've had a lady lately who has been really having some issues and is getting a lot of Haldol. I keep hearing jokes about how "oh, *I* need some of that to deal with my husband". It makes me so, so angry. I know that being defensive about taking an antipsychotic helps nothing, but it feels so insensitive, like comparing a frustrating husband to my psychotic symptoms. Which is comparing a single mosquito bite to sitting on a 2 foot tall fire ant hill.

I just take deep breaths and move on. I'm not sure I can do that forever though.

Am I being sensitive?

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