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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I hate being right

A few days ago I wrote about someone who I was pretty certain would die very soon. He wasn't ready. He did die although it took about a day longer than I thought.

In other news I finished my taxes. I topped $10,000 in medical expenses. My return is, as usual, huge. I did learn that I managed to decrease my therapy visits from about 70 (I think 72) in 2006 to 55. Much better.

I also have learned I may be ready to take wobbly steps into not seeing Dr. Mind every single week, but I'm not ready for a major decrease. Last week I had to miss thanks to my CT scan and it's showing in little ways. For the first time in a long time I'm really anxious to see him. I think it needs to remain a monthly thing and be decided by how I'm doing around the target time. The goal is to mainly work on letting me have Thursdays off on the week I see Dr. Brain to let me make up the rest my marathon trip to the Big City requires.

Anyway, I suddenly got very, very sleepy and I am not fighting with that.

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