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Sunday, December 28, 2008

From me to you

I know I've been kinda crabby lately. I guess that's just how I handle grief. One of the things I've learned over the years of dealing with people dying is that it kind of builds up and then one day you mourn a lot. I think mourning for my cat is more complicated than just that. And I really miss him. The 10 days since I kept telling him he'd be just fine, that I could SEE it coming, feel like 10 weeks ago. I know that if I could just get my kitten now I'd be better, but that's impossible.

Anyway, I figured I'd share a cooking secret I've figured out recently. I figured out how to make some of the best chili I've ever had. This can be done with any recipe; I make a mild chili but lots more could go into it. Anyway, the 2 tricks are: 1) use tomato juice not from concentrate and 2) add a can of drained black beans. Several weeks ago I had grabbed a can of the unconcentrated tomato juice and when I was halfway through making the chili realized I only had half the kidney beans I needed, so I added the black beans. It makes really, really good stuff. (Keep in mind I LOVE black beans though).

Anyway, that's as positive as I'm getting today. I need to get ready for bed. I don't feel ready to go back to work tomorrow at all.

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Cranky Amy said...

holidays=CRANKY Amy

Everyone gets cranky this time of year, especially this year, and with the loss of Eli, it was worse for you. At least you realize this and are paying attention to it. That's a LOT more than almost all of the people in the world. I hope you get all the sleep you need.