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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Defendant

This post is copied from an email I sent a friend earlier, edited only to take away my real name (which is NOT Just Me, big surprise). THIS was my day.

So I got my mail for the first time in a week today. Imagine my joy at a letter addressed to "Defendant: Just Me". Inside was a notice my license was being suspended for not paying the ticket I paid a week ago. I freaked, of course. I had to come home to call because my cell was dead. Finally it turns out that they received the payment and it's all ok, but I had the words "you" and "bond" in the same sentence. EEk!

Then I went to the bathroom in a hurry because I have another UTI and when I have to go I MUST GO. I also shake and I managed to yank the button of my pants so hard the button snapped in half. So I spent the rest of the day with half-on pants. Then I did paperwork and realized my assistants are doing a crappy (other words can be used to fill that gap because I'm about that mad) job because I'm letting them. So I typed up the 15 theses (like Martin Luther if that isn't clear because I think it's not) and in a few days I'm letting them have it. Nicely. But this is getting old because it adds a lot of time to my day that is unnecessary.

I have this oddball craving right now for Arby's. thankfully it's healthy in small sizes, more or less. I'm sure it's got to do with the depression I'm fighting. So I went for my sandwich of the day and they didn't give me sauce. So I walked back in, making them think I was some random person who came in and took sauce from the pumps and left. Then I checked my messages and one was from my old vet updating the records on my 3 cats. Including naming Eli. I hadn't gotten teary in a day or two over him but that wrecked that.

And finally I got to town. We have a small town square with a blinky light, our only light in town. Imagine my exhausted surprise to suddenly have teenagers dressed in black wearing halloween masks jump out toward the car as if to hijack it. (I realize they weren't). It did, however, scare me and set the nerves on jangle. I decided if they were my kids I'd want them stopped because it really was dangerous so I called the cops. The cops called back and couldn't find them but were going to get the sheriff working on it. I sincerely hope that's not one of those people-wtihout-kids-being-judgmental-of-innocent-play. I'm too tired to figure. One day. How was that all only one day....

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Cranky Amy said...

Um, kids dressed all in black jumping out in front of cars? Everyone should be glad I don't have a conceal and carry permit. Those kids would have been in some deep doo-doo and I would have thought I was seeing things.