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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Stupid weather channel

So we were supposed to get a couple inches of snow late this afternoon with out any really bad weather. Ha!

We got ice starting this morning, and a lot of snow. My mom came up to help me work on de-plasticating things for the cat, and told me she hit some black ice.

I had to leave for a haircut and to get a prescription. It should have been no big deal according to the forecast. In fact, there shouldn't have had anything on the roads according to that.

I left and it was slick in town. There are 2 ways to go to get to the same place and I picked what I thought would be better. Instead it was really slick. There is a place where you go around a curve, cross a railroad track, go down a slope and stop for an intersection with the main highway. As I approached this there were flares and a car that had gone off the road and hit a guardrail head-on, accompanied by a patrol car.

I started to slow to stop and my brakes didn't do their thing. I saw the guardrail coming for many feet before I hit it. I was fortunate; my car was just starting out of the slide and I slid at a relatively good place in the curve, so that I got scrapes and a small dent, but nothing major. No damage to me. There was another man waiting for the cop too; he had actually been the first in a series of 10 accidents at the rural site, most of which the people just left. He let the other person go first because she had a baby with her (both unhurt, but the car was totaled).

I had to leave my car and stand where it was safe(r). Given that we knew of 10 accidents in 2 hours and people were sliding everywhere and my car had to be left more or less in the middle of the road (no shoulder) I was sure I'd get hit. I didn't, thank God.

I have windburn and haven't been able to get warm, but those are minor. And of course I got a ticket, although the cop actually apologized.

Nonetheless, not easy to deal with. I've got so much money output right now, and that's another. (Cat surgery and many vet visits, root canal(s), fillings that failed, COBRA, whopping psychiatrist bill because my insurance quit paying for her because I had too many psychologist visits).

The worst part really is that I'd run out of antidepressants last week. I tried to fill it but nobody had the mg I take (it's a really small one and then I take a lot because I'm on a bizarre dose (75 mg is the start dose; I take 70 mg because 75 makes me manic). So I got a partial that only had 10 pills. I knew I'd havfe to stretch it 2 days because I couldn't get the pills until today, so I divided it in half. Well, I didn't exactly make it to the pharmacy today. So I'm bottoming out and am crying at the drop of a hat. And I won't make it tomorrow either. So I'm a crybaby for a while....


bipolarlawyercook said...

Oh, gosh, holding you in the light. And hoping you appeal the ticket, esp. if you can get the call log for that day from the cops and show that the patch of ice made it impossible. Grr. I hate that crap.

Julia said...

Sorry for this drama...you don't need this.