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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some things never change, others don't stop

I've been reading my archives and discovering how incredibly much I've changed in the almost 3 years this blog has existed. I've been through so much, and come out so much better than I dreamed possible. Even now, I'm feeling much more down than usual, but I'm surviving. And I've got plenty of reasons to feel down.

In the latest cat news he got a feeding tube today. This is a more or less last ditch effort. He's developing a liver issue cats get from not eating and without treatment it is 90% fatal. With treatment (the tube) he has a 70% chance of survival. The trick is that over the next weeks we feed him through the tube until he no longer feels sick all the time from his liver breaking down and then let him start eating. This may take a few days or it may take months. From my limited diagnositic skills from the internet I think we started the treatment early, which is good. He wasn't nearly as jaundiced as pictures I've seen online. Nonetheless it's breaking my heart. He's such a good boy and I can't imagine my life without him.

Work is extremely busy, hence the low posts. Welcome to healthcare in December. It's typically one of the busiest months and so far is true to form this year. I've had overtime every day for the last 2 weeks I think. Too bad I don't get paid time and a half until I've worked 8 hours over (because I'm a 32 hour employee) per week. But they hired a new assistant yesterday and she'll make my life a lot better.

I don't know if I mentioned it but my antidepressants got really messed up in the chaos of the weekend. I was waiting for them to come in from an order and one of the things I was going to do when I wrecked was pick them up. So I got back on those yesterday and hopefully will feel all better in a few more days.

I love small towns. Yesterday they called to warn me my water was to be shut off if I didn't pay in the next few hours. I'd already left for work and got the message when I called in from my cell. I called and explained and they let me drop the check off late at night and left the water on. Nice of them. Really, really nice.

Probably I should go to bed now. I took a nap and now am not as sleepy as I should be. But soemtimes naps just are needed. I had a very bad night of sleeping Saturday after the accident, and then again Monday night because I was upset about Tuesday's dental appointment. (Where he couldn't do anything. My tooth is probably cracked to the bone and is likely to have to come out. I'm going to try a nightguard first and that will be ready next week. I will have the extraction with twilight anesthesia possibly (depends on how much it messes with psych meds) and that means it won't happen until late January when I've got sick days.

One more day this week!

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Robot Dancers said...

I hope your kitty gets better.
Sending good vibes his way.