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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 3s

Today is the birthday of both myself and this blog.  We are 33 and 3 respectively.
All I can say is that I realized that that something profound has happened.  When this started it was a story of stuggling to survive with unmanageable illness.  The whole point was that I wanted people to know you could be severely mentally ill and make it. Iwound up getting a whole lot worse than I thought possible, but eventually it got so incredibly much better.  Now it's the story of living a life that is an unexpected gift after a miracle.  That will always be how I see the combined effect of both acquiring the right team of doctors, plus Seroquel XR.  I still have severe bipolar disorder and always will, and I still suppose I could get sick again (and I still react with terror and a great need for Dr. Mind if I start to), but it is no longer a constant illness. 
I'm in a brand new place right now; I have just been realizing that a long time ago I was sorting out issues from a disturbing childhood and then I got sick and "regular life" no longer mattered.  Now it is time to go back and start again trying to hit that elusive point I was at 11 years ago. 
A happy day indeed.

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Julia said...

Happy (Late) Birthday!

I, for one, am glad that you have blogged your experience! I am in the process of helping a mentally ill family member and you give me great hope.

Emilija said...

Happy Birthday!