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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ladies only post

After some of what I've said on this blog I'm really not embarrassed by much. Especially this time of year when I know I'm not going to greet a bunch of college students with it. But if you're uncomfortable with feminine issues, run. On the other hand, part of this is hilarious.

First, the serious: thanks for the support about the menstrual issues. As I've made it a few days through my cycle I've learned hey, I'm not depressed. I've not cried in a few days. Some of that is the whole thing with not cutting down sessions with Dr. Mind, but a lot of it is that my hormones are calming down.

Truthfully I just don't know how to handle this kind of thing. When I was on the pill before it was because I was just a bit more irritable with my period and we were eliminating all factors possible (I was newly diagnosed). I was not feeling like I was cycling for a week before my period as I do now. I was not having significant pain from cramps, which has happened every month since the summer. I've had weird periods in recent months, lasting longer than they should. And although I've had for years occasional menstrual migraines, now I can count on them near my period, sometimes for 2 weeks before. Which doesn't work. And the treatment for menstrual migraines? Depakote. So I really shouldn't have them.

I assume my hormones are changing for some reason. Probably it's my age. I had 20 years of really easy periods so now it's payback time? Who knows. What I do know is that this can't continue. I'm researching the continual pill Emilijia referred to and hoping Dr. Brain has wonderful strategies, and is willing to jump in and help with my (has never met me) gynecologist. She always helps, so that will be ok, and Dr. Body will also support me if needed.

So the funny: because the cramps were so bad yesterday I decided to try one of those theracare patches. I'd never used one before so I was reading the directions. It said WARNING: To prevent fire, follow directions exactly. Apparently using this product somehow could lead to fire. It doesn't say how, so I'm thinking it's the ultimate treatment for cramps: burn your uterus out.
Made me laugh. A lot.

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Cranky Amy said...

Actually, I was going to say to just nuke your uterus, it pretty much burns it out. I did! I had an uterine ablation done a couple of years ago, and I've hardly had any period at all (for example, don't even need to use a liner). It also seems that I don't have much PMS or cramping to go along with it. Means I can't have kids, but I wasn't too eager to pass on my genetics, anyway. . . I loved that Dr. Va-jay-jay. Too bad she retired. . :(