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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It all makes no sense

In some ways I'm feeling a bit better.  I'm eating, a little, again and that was a big concern.  I'm actually so tired I suspect I'll fall asleep much earlier than I have been tonight.  Yet I had Dr. Mind very worried because I had so much trouble talking and focusing last night.  We wound up spending a lot of time with my having to describe details of different items, usually pictures, trying to focus on minute detail.  Then I was supposed to talk about the feelings associated.  That part is harder.  I need to do my homework of this tonight still in fact.  Everything is too mixed up to assign one feeling, and the feelings I have make no sense.  Dr. Mind was concerned because he said he hadn't seen me struggle with that so much in a very long time.  He means since I was hospitalized; by the time I went to the hospital i couldn't get a whole sentence out without pausing.  But today that was better.  Today was, in fact, better.  No idea why, maybe because he really did get me calmed down last night.

So I'm worse and better at once, and I managed to REALLY freak poor Dr. Mind out because the way I said something he interpreted to me I was having hallucinations.  I suppose I should explain more to him about that, that it is just more my brain acting up than it is really a hallucination, but we'll see if I remember in a few days.

I should not take pills when this tired.  I take 2 of a lot of them and just started doling out 2 of each.  That is not a good idea.  Although I guess it's the strong ones I take 2 of and just Singulair and vitams are one.  So it's wouldn't hurt me, just wouldn't help.

The good news is the pain is over until about 10 days from now, my cat is ok still so obviously wasn't that messed up the other day, and i did enough paperwork while treating to be able to just relax tonight.  I'm working on increasing that and succeeding at least most days.

And maybe, just maybe I get my car back tomorrow.  (long, frustrated story you don't want to hear)

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Glynis Jolly said...

Be careful driving, okay?

Could it be that you're getting better but there's some rough spots along the way that take you for a loop?