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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some weekend

I'm exhausted.  And not just the same mood messed up exhaustion I've had, but this has been one tough weekend.  Friday night I did not sleep because of pain from the ovarian cyst.  I wanted to go to the ER but the only ER that really is equipped to safely handle my MAOI is 2 plus hours away, so I just managed.  No sleep Friday and almost none Thursday meant I HAD to sleep Saturday during the day.  I wound up taking valium.  Nothing else knocked me out.  So that did help although the pain lasted through yesterday too and some today.  But I'm still tired.  Last night I sleep ok, but for some reason it was the night after a year of having this thing that my cat realized my dawn/dusk simulating lamp is warm and tried to snuggle up to it.  Except she managed to step on the phone, specifically on speaker phone and redial.  That was NOT fun to wake to and I couldn't find the phone, then I found one but not the one she was standing on, so i had to keep rolling, stretching and grabbing--all of which my ovary wasn't fond of.  I'm extremely tired today, so tired I'm leaving my progress notes for tomorrow.  I have to do my city taxes as they have to be dropped off in the morning, and I'm waiting for my sheets and blankets to dry but then I'm going to sleep.

This should be a fun week.  It's always good when I go into a week exhausted, and I go see Dr. Mind twice and Dr. Brain once this week.  Which means not a lot of weekend.

Oh well, I get my car back, I don't have a super heavy schedule, i may have one day "off" for jury duty (grrr), and at least the stinking pain is about over.

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Glad the ovary is over this bout. Glad your car is back in its rightful place!!! Hope the rest of the week is better than the weekend.