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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wormie Monday

I've been not feeding my worms so much which has resulted in no wormie Wednesdays, their previous feed day.  i had to back off because i was getting insects from overfeeding.  It's very complex with good insects and bad, and i have no clue which are which.

I know one exciting thing:  I'm ready to set things up to harvest my first tray of fertilizer.  I really have another about ready to go but it's going to get to sit a bit while I take care of the top one.  The thing about the top is that something weird happened: most of my big, healthy worms are gone.  This would be worrisome except I now have hundreds of babies.  It makes no sense and will make harvesting way harder as picking up babies is very, very tricky, but I have a week or so before I do that so I'm hoping they will grow a lot by then.

I just hope this works.  It takes a surprising committment to do this and you get attached, which makes knowing tons of worms died (again) hard, especially since I've not been checking in on them much while waiting for the fruit flies to back off.

oh well, it's a good distraction.  And now I must finish paperwork as I have to leave at 6:45 AM and that means doing most of it tonight.


Michal Ann said...

Good report of "Wormie Monday." You're amazing. What an interesting undertaking.

I hope things are stabilizing with all the medication and toxicity concerns. How wonderful that you saw Dr. Brain and the evidence that her life has improved significantly. Thanks for letting us know.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Ewww Worms! I wonder how long their life span is tho, you have had the originals for quite a while so maybe the baby worms and the adult die off is normal???