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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Germy, germy girl

While becoming significantly ill this weekend is infinitely better than next I have decided this just wasn't a necessary bug. I actually have had TWO things going on, one respiratory and the other GI. One from each nursing home.

The respiratory one is, according to google, viral bronchitis. And much fun it has been. I believe that this is likely influenza tamed by the flu shot, especially based on how badly it has been going around. Regardless, I am exhausted and pale and still feverish.

I MUST work the next two days. I'm not so sick that this is impossible, but I am sick enough I'm going to be slowed down. After those 2 days I have the rest of the week off. Yay for that, at least.

I will say that Zicam and EmergenC seem to be very, very useful supplements. I'm due for more Zicam right now in fact.

Anyway, the next few days aren't likely to involve much talking from me. Lots of signing my name, lots of last projects. Little extra stuff. Not much of a problem except I'm not likely to be feeling super along with it being the last 2 days.

Back around Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, feel better soon I hope, and hang in there.

Cranky Amy said...

Take it easy, get your rest. The "plague" has been going around here a lot lately, and it's been interesting to see who comes down with cold/cough/chills/food poisoning/nausea/diarrhea. I've seen it all just in my friends and coworkers over the past couple of weeks. Urgh.