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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Moving On

I'm finally feeling closer to well. Tomorrow should be pretty close to normal. I'm pretty pleased with myself as this is the first time I've actually beaten this kind of illness without antibiotics in years. Tuesday night I was asleep from something like 7:30 until 10 the next morning, and then I was essentially back in bed from 4 on, although I did get up for a while. I still was asleep very early last night and slept until noon today.

Leaving my job Tuesday was odd. Partly because of people being sick, partly because of other things nobody seemed to really care it was my last day. That actually happened at both places.

One of the things at that job that happened a lot that made me not like my job was that my assistant tended to be sort of self-centered. Ok, very much so. Unless I made a huge fuss and took time the night before to divide the patients and assign them she would take all the people who were easier and more interactive and I was left with the people who had less ability to communicate and who needed things like splints and wheelchairs. I really like doing those things, but nobody wants to do them 100% of the time.

For whatever reason the manager didn't really enforce that it should be otherwise and made a lot of excuses for my assistant. That came up a number of times in my vocational rehab evaluation report, that my assistant was being allowed to do things I wasn't.

It took months before the assistant quit doing another thing that I hated, which was she'd be told to treat 7 hours. She'd add minutes on to her patients, treat exactly 7 hours and leave me with an entire extra treatment. The often happened on days I had to be someplace after work.

On Tuesday she did the reverse. She got her full hours by dumping all the sick people onto my caseload (I only got 4.75 hours).

And then her crowning show of selfishness: She left and didn't even bother to tell me good-bye, good luck or anything else. Not even a note.

That's helped a lot. I truly don't feel sad with this move. I'll just be glad to get going.

Yesterday I had my drug test (they've not fired me so nothing must have shown up :), and was fingerprinted. I had the distinction of being the first person the lady had seen with skin so dry my fingerprints wouldn't show. Partly that's just natural, partly it's from healtchare, partly it's from wearing gloves more and washing even more than usual the last few days, partly it's from using Purell, and partly it's dehydration. For a while they thought the machine was broken, but it was only me.

Who knows what the future holds? I have always worried about that. For the moment though I am trying to just enjoy today, something I've never succeeded at. I'm having a very relaxed few days, eating what sounds good (justified by not eating almost at all for days while sick), napping, reading, etc.

I really hope I can keep going this way. I like it.


Cranky Amy said...

Well, that B#*%H of an assistant of yours can take a long run off a short pier. Doesn't hurt just to be NICE, for gawd's sake!!
I am very glad that you are feeling better and able to get the rest you need right now. A couple of days to hang out and relax is always good.

Emilija said...

I'm glad you are doing well and moving on. I think that it takes a lot of guts to change jobs, even when you are somewhere that is not good for you.

Just Me said...

Thanks for the description. It's funny, I quit being mad at her so long ago. She's just selfish. Years ago I worked with her and had to confront her about patient complaints because she was telling them intimate details of her divorce. This time around I had to tell her to tone down sharing intimate details of her boyfriend with the patients. It got uncomfortable.

This job change is taking way less guts than it might have. I feel really good about the new company and many things can't get worse. Just to give an example of how neat this company is, I was not taught PAMs in school; they said OTs wouldn't ever need them with PPS changes. (I was in school when PPS went into effect so there was a lot of confusion). So for the last 7 years my assistants couldn't do them, I couldn't do them, and if someone needed them I had to shift them to PT. I did get infared training but nothing else. My new co. has already signed me up for a course in 3 weeks time. I'm amazed.