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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mark this date

In August 2004 I had been in the midst of quite a while when I was partially stabilized but the equilibrium didn't ever last more than a week. There was a lot of playing with lithium and depakote doses. I'd been on Geodon until June, but had to stop thanks to extraprymidal symptoms. After that I had done fairly well, yet still was trying to handle annoying symptoms continuously.

For the first half of that summer I had worked in a therapy room where the PT kept a radio going much of the time. It bothered me, but not so badly I couldn't stand it when there was other noise. However, when music was the only noise, like in my car it was intolerable. Far too loud and concentrated. I started listening to audiobooks in the car on my commutes and that has not yet changed.

However, over the last while I've started to tolerate music again. At first it didn't bother me anymore. Gradually it got so I actually paid a bit of attention to it. And today I found myself enjoying a song for the first time in 4 years. It's stuck in my head some, which was part of the previous problem (it is way worse than the typical stuck thing) but not so badly I want to rip my ears off.

Anyway time for bed, assuming my neighbors quiet down. One has been revving an engine for hours and the other I think has kids sledding. Fridays......

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Emilija said...

Getting music back is wonderful! It is so awful that this illness can take away one of life's biggest pleasures.