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Monday, February 04, 2008

The whole state is going to die

I need antibiotics. As I whine every time I get sick, no cold meds for me. So I get sinus infections. I was up most of last night trying to breathe. Breathing through my nose is impossible and breathing through my mouth dries it out and then that keeps me awake.

I'm having trouble even eating because food tastes icky. Even water tastes wrong and that's a major issue.

I went to TWO urgent care centers tonight. Both had waits nearing 3 hours. That would have gotten me home at 11 or later and I couldn't even get a script filled. So I will try tomorrow.

I've never seen anything like this crowd. HUGE. And we all had the same thing. The coughing noises were atrocious.

My doctor called me today and left a message about how we need to talk about testing that will need done for the diabetes insipidus diagnosis and some medication (yay, another med. Just what I was hoping for! I knew I couldn't get something that didn't require meds). I think he meant talk on the phone; I am going to beg for all I am worth for an appointment tomorrow.

The good news is that I have only one more day of work this week. I have fingerprinting for the new one Wednesday, but no work. And today went pretty well. Aside from my face hurting and the coughing.

I was found by a search for diabetes insipidus. Don't use me as a reference for that! I know what it is and unfortunately I'm pretty sure from my reading I know what tests the doctor is referring to and I won't like them. It's too new to me and apparently to my doctor as he admitted in the message that he is reading about what to do.

No good way to end.

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Cranky Amy said...

I know a lot of people HATE the feeling of it, but have you tried a Neti Pot whenever you start to get stopped up? It's a very odd sensation having water go through your sinuses, but it's really nice to be able to breathe. It's a godsend for me since I live in one of the worst allergy areas in the country (at least in my opinion). Good luck on everything that's coming up!