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Friday, February 29, 2008


I try to post short answers to common questions people use to search. Today's was a good one: can my psychologist speak to my psychiatrist about me?

That depends. They need a release (sometimes releases, one for each) signed by you. They also have to be willing to put in the time to do this, which good doctors will be.

I strongly recommend doing this, even asking one to contact the other, because it is very beneficial. Mine talk rarely now, maybe every 6 months. Prior to Dr. Brain changing jobs she worked with him more routinely and they spoke often. Especially when I've been sickest this has made a big difference. It's also allowed Dr. Mind to be a buffer; about a year ago I cancelled an appointment at the last minute because I couldn't stop vomiting. The message was sent to her without explanation, just that I wasn't coming and to please call me. That made her mad because she goes out of her way to see me on Saturdays and so she didn't call, thinking I was being passive-aggressive. Dr. Mind called to tell her I was becoming seriously depressed and needed more antidepressant and calmed the situation down.

I also have encouraged a very open relationship between my family doctor (Dr. Body) and Dr. Mind. Anything Dr. Body does potentially messes up my stability, and the main problems he treats me for are the result of taking lithium. Both my thyroid and now my kidneys will do fine with him treating (and possibly the nephrologist in the background).

When all this was new I didn't want them to talk. I felt like they'd be "talking about me" and that was uncomfortable. When I knew something was horribly wrong and couldn't express it remotely clearly, Dr. Mind saved me by letting Dr. Brain know I looked like I had toxicity. My level was so high at that point that a few more days and I might have had some bad things happen.

Now I'm never comfortable, because I know there are surely ways I irritate both of them, but it's worth it.

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