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Monday, February 11, 2008

Job 4, Day One

Today started rapidly as I realized I'd slept through my alarm for an hour. It was fine, the only time that was really lost was some of the time my car usually warms and I play on the computer. I got to work about 9:15. Lots of orientation today. Lots more ahead. But at least one unit of it gives me a CEU and that's cool, since I need a LOT of those by 6/30. I've got a class scheduled in March, and I'll need at least one more after that.

Everything went well. I like everyone, the benefits package is good, (more expensive but better coverage except for my therapist), and the control freakish attitude of the previous company is GONE. I have to find my own way of organizing things. That's actually going to be a bit challenging I think because I know what I have preferred in the past but I don't want to totally impose an entirely different structure on the people who've been there. But the way the prior therapist did it is confusing to me.

The best part? I was done a bit early. I went to my mom's and had supper and then realized that I was going to run out of lithium tomorrow and with bad weather forecasted I should fill it because I HAVE to get a level done this week before I have further kidney testing. I don't think I wrote about that yet; I saw my psychiatrist Saturday and she'd talked to my family doctor. (I've finally had it with the formal names; from here on out they are Dr. Brains and Dr. Body respecctively.) He'd told her he next wants me to have something called a water deprivation tests, which when Googled sounds unpleasant. Remember, my body is desperate for water at its' best, and this means, well, no water. For hours. During which I have to lay still except for peeing once per hour. So Dr. Body called today and tomorrow I'll talk to him and see what's up. The good news was that the bloodwork last week showed good kidney function, which is a huge relief. Anyway, I'm sure that needs scheduled soon, if for no reason than to get it over with, and that means a lithium level Thursday. So I went to Walmart near my mom's and got that plus a few other things, drove home and got the trash out, all before 9 pm. That's a miracle. I did stuff after work and still was home earlier than my usual Monday (for the last 2 years Mondays have been Dr. Emotions night; that is now a Thursday afternoon thing).

So all in all, one good day. I've got lots to learn and figure out as this is a new position but I'm excited.

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