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Friday, February 01, 2008

Life insipidus

There have been a lot of bugs going around this year. Stomach flu (today was diarrhea day) and a horrible cold that has caused pneumonia in so many people I'm just writing it as everyone's diagnosis (kidding). Having been so emotionally ill I'm at high risk for illness. But I have been hand washing like crazy (better than my usual where sometimes I slack a bit) and not wearing my scrubs in the house for one minute post arrival home, and I thought I'd probably made it.

About 2:00 I started coughing. Then sneezing. Then my head hurt, except that happens every day, I think from dehydration from the diabetes insipidus, so who knows about that one. And now my throat is starting to hurt. I already cancelled my hair appt for tomorrow morning because I know it's not going to happen.

I stopped on the way home for back-up. My sister has told me EmergenC is miraculous, so I am trying it and Zicam, which my mom tells me is great. I'm up for anything. Colds are a bit easier now because I'm allowed a certain form of Mucinex which doesn't help a ton but does help a bit. After years of nothing that a lot.

I experimented today and learned I literally desperately have to pee every 45 minutes. How this escapted recognition is beyond me. I also realized that my theory I've always held that I didn't care if my kidneys had signs of damage didn't include this particular problem; there is no way I can go long term having to pee so often, not to mention all the problems that go with perpetual dehydration. My tolerance for the severe at times constipation (yesterday I broke blood vessels in my eyes straining) is limited. As it should be.

Anyway, I didn't get home until 10 (didn't go in until late today thanks to ice) and I really don't feel good so I guess it's time for meds and sleep.

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Take it easy this weekend.