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Saturday, May 17, 2008


For today's post I will be sharing what may be my latest great find (time shall tell). As anyone can tell from briefly skimming this blog the side effects of my high dose meds combine with symptoms of thyroid disorder and the dehydration that goes with diabetes insipidus and I deal with severe constipation and I'm not afraid to whine about it.

I monitor what I'm eating both by fiber and fat content. I have a chart that I can refer to to see how many grams different things have, and with experience I know what foods I can count on to be more helpful than others (when things are at their worst I eat a can of spinach, for example). My doctor and I decided together than if I can succeed with my diet, even with some unorthodox methods like eating fast food french fries a few times/week, that this is good because the only med I can try hasn't been out long and I'm just too much at risk for side effects/interactions with my other 10-12 medications. Dried fruits are a great source of fiber and I have a stock of them, but I get bored with them pretty quickly. Today though I discovered something I'd never had before: dried red raspberries. One-fourth cup is 26% of your daily fiber. And they are yummy. Somewhat expensive but I'm willing to put money into this project so worth it. Combined with my other recent find, FiberOne bars with another 28% that is 2 sweet treats for 56% of the needed fiber.


Anonymous said...

Cool. You know, I just found dried kiwi fruit, of all things, and it's wonderful. I bought in bulk, I will see if I can't find some fiber information. It's great chopped with a little agave syrup and lime juice over yogurt.

Just Me said...

Dried kiwi would make me an extremely happy woman. I love kiwi. I don't actually know the fiber content; it's not on my handy chart, but I'd suspect it is pretty high in a dried form. Dry is always better and seeds seem to help.

I wonder where I could find it. The nice thing about having to drive to the city to see Dr. Mind is that I'm occasionally in the city and can look for things like that. Down here we just don't have anything "unusual". Avocados are still something we're getting used to, and tonight I couldn't get either pre-cubed tofu or fresh bean sprouts at the fancy grocery. (grr)

My favorite store ad ever said "We get our fish THREE TIMES PER WEEK". But then they won't tell you what days.