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Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the winner is:

um, whoever guessed around $5000.  I still have to get a few more things but I'm over $4000 already .  My medial expenses tend to be about $10000 out of pocket annually.  For 2010 it's going to be much closer to $12000 I believe.Not sure yet as I have a good bit of math and sorting to do, but it's huge amount.  Nice thing is that my take refund will be awesome, which is good since I have a number of things I need done and the more I get as a refund the more I will get done.

I'm tired tonight.  I zoomed around and saw 4 people, except one told me no after telling me yes and I drove to her home (ugh) and then went up and did 2 errands before seeing Dr. Mind.  2 quick errands exhausted me totally.  So I've had my meds and soon should be asleep so I can do notes in the morning.  Just 1 1/2, won't be bad as long as I don't sleep until time to go.  No time for that tomorrow.

Anyway, I am home and on resting restriction this weekend so I will catch you all up then.


Michal Ann said...

"Come on down!" I win! You lose??! No, you're a winner. Happy sleep!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

OMG, whew!!! That's one big load to bear.

Jean Grey said...

Until this year I've been lucky enough to have decent health insurance, so that I never had to spend nearly that much on meds (although I have to buy my Provigil from overseas- can't afford to buy it in America and my insurance won't pay for it). But this year I have a new job- new health insurance and a big deductible. Love the job, hate the insurance. Money is not everything, right? That's what I keep telling myself.