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Monday, February 21, 2011


I made it staying home all night and today. The vomiting has stopped.  The feeling crummy hasn't.  I took some Zofran again, and while it stayed in and has helped the nausea it has side effects I hate.  Headaches, which can be lived with, but the worst it that I feel like I'm freezing cold.  I always forget and assume i have a fever, which i did this morning, but which tylenol cured.  But the freezing cold thing lasts a long time and is not fun.  However it has let me get fluids in which is the most important.

The challenge now is that I have to get some paperwork done and then take meds and actually sleep tonight.  Without meds there wasn't much of that to be had last night and I'm tired.  I've also not napped today.  But I have to get meds in.  Not only do I have some withdrawl signs already my asthma is becoming angry. So tonight definetely means inhalers, beginning psych meds, and asthma pills.

I should not go back to work tomorrow.  I'm not ready.  The fact that I've eaten 2 pieces of toast since Saturday says a lot about that.  But I'm also too busy and feel too guilty about missing work AGAIN so back I'll go, even knowing that Dr. Body would have kept me home another day.

I am just so incredibly tired.  Tired of being tired, tired of getting sick constantly because my immune system is worn out, tired of missing work, tired of how that makes me feel and look.  Tired of working weekends, especially when it means disrupting plans I already had.  It feels like things are never going to be right again.

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Hope you get some sleep tonight!