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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maybe, maybe, maybe

Two hours ago I started getting ready to go to the ER for fluids.  I had not kept anything down in 24 hours, I hadn't peed in so long I couldn't remember, and I couldn't keep the medication to keep me from vomiting down. I then got so tired and achy i decided to lay down just a little bit and see if I could keep 2 oz. of gatorade down, one last time.  I've not been so good at keeping to tiny amounts of fluids because I've been so very thirsty.  I was controlling what I took in, but apparently not enough.  I was able to follow that with 2 oz. of coke, and later with a few oz. of ginger tea.  I just drank another oz. of coke or so and seem to be doing ok,  The signs of signficant dehydration are decreasing, and I'm hoping that I can sleep through the night and if I'm still sick in the morning I'll see what Dr. Body has to say.  I'm also going to take some klonopin, even though it may make me throw up, because I now know that if I don't get that in withdrawl starts and that is too close to the symptoms I have now to sort it out.

Obviously I'll be home from work sick AGAIN.  Which means I won't be going to see my niece this weekend because I'll be working.  Which just stinks.  I'm so tired of working weekends because of being sick.  This weekend was supposed to be about having time off and resting for 2 days, something I've not had in so long I can't remember. It didn't turn out quite that way......

Oh well.  I'm not in the ER.  I could be at some point still, but for the moment it looks positive.  (This makes me realize I can't take klonopin as I need to be able to get myself to the ER if I am sick again).

Now if I can just sleep....

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hoping for sleep