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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why only Team Jen should Treat Me

As you know I've been having a struggle with adding any specialists to my doctors because of trust issues, and then those were greatly increased following my bad experience at the big hospital.  Well, it gets worse.

I've been reflux meds for years.  I have had several duodenal ulcers, probably related to med use, so any side effect affecting my stomach was always treated carefully.  Last year after being on Nexium because I was very ill and a powdered form was used to neutralize my stomach acid to let meds in, then the pill was used to continue because it worked so much better.

I've been asked over and over if I had any symptoms of reflux as that can cause asthmatic coughing.  I kept saying it was totally controlled.  Then when I got sick I had a lot of reflux I blamed on sickness.  When it continued and was bad I let Dr. Body know.  Today I was instructed to double my dose of Nexium.  That's when I noticed that the reason I'd thought something seemed different was that when he was away and the script was refilled by another doctor based on a fax from the pharmacy, someone put in the wrong dose and I've been on half my usual dose for days.

So that's easily solved and sadly means we haven't found the miracle cure.

I'll write more this Thurs/Friday while I'm off work for the breathing test/alteration of meds.  I'm going to probably have to work this weekend one day as sadly I have the biggest caseload I've had in months this week when I need time  off and my only help quit without notice this week.  So I've been working hard and dealing ice storms (tonight in the 2nd in 24 hours) and also have truthfully been extremely distracted by something I'll share when I finish reading it.

Regardless, I'll be more normal soon I hope. I'm off asthma meds until the test and that makes things harder too since I like breathing and right now that's only sort of happening.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Hoping for a helpful test.

Know the problem with trust issues - you wish you could trust people to do what they are being paid to do such as use the correct dose of a medication on a refill. sigh. Does anyone double check anymore, or do they just rely on computers to do their thinking?? Good Luck!

Michal Ann said...

Thanks for the update. Waiting for your next chance to write. You're not forgotten!

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