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Saturday, January 29, 2011

It worked

While I've not felt very well the last 36 hours, I have not vomited or had any risk of dehydration.  Because losing fluids and electrolytes so easily dehydrates me because of my diabetes insipidus the last time I got really sick and wound up having to go in for 3 or 4 L of fluids and took 2 weeks to return to normal hydration, along with being off meds for days because dehydration just makes you vomit more meaning no taking meds (I don't even try when I know I'm too sick because increaseing the dehydration factor isn't good and throwing up the $100 and some worth of medication I take daily is depressing (and I have to take several days off from patch wear when dehydrated as it concentrates resulting in a rash that causes more problems and in someone with med allergies like me can mean the end of something that works---and if I go off the patch that means several weeks inpatient as I have to have it totally out of my system to start something oral.  I would have maybe 5 days before I'd crash without it and then I'd have to be inpatient until the next MAOI was started.)

So anyway, I have Zofran for nasuea when I get sick.  This was the first time I've used it this way and it's been great.  Ok, great and stomach flu don't go together.  It's been much better than usual. I actually only needed one.  My body still go the germs out, I still have had a fever and haven't felt fabulous (I still have a slight fever and cannot seem to get warm except when I'm burning up), I've not had meds or my inhaler (which I'm trying to avoid until testing anyway; it says off 36 hours but I want to be sure this is accurate and with all my other meds there's no way to be sure my clearance is totally normal anyway).  I even woke up every 2 hours on my own for fluids.  Which is usually hard to do.

I finally got sick without dehydration and undue nastiness.  One point for team Jen!


Michal Ann said...

Oh, I'm going to give Team Jen a LOT more points!

Thanks for the good report. You're on top of it all...as usual! I'm so proud of you.

May you feel our Savior's presence.

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

WooHoo!!! I walk the edge of dehydration and nausea everyday so I know how impossibly hard this is. Go Team Jen!!!

Michal Ann said...

It's Tuesday....I hope you feel well enough to post again soon.


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