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Friday, January 28, 2011


I keep starting posts and falling asleep before finishing.  I'm just very run down right now and cannot wait to get fully on meds next week.  Of course I have to have a test that requires no asthma meds for a few days but whatever.  I'm tired constantly and even slept 8 hours last night.

Last week I treated someone who told me at the next visit that the entire family had started vomiting after I left.  I thought great at the time but it sounded like food poisoning.

Midweek I complained to Dr. Body that my hair is coming out in clumps, questioning if my thyroid meds were right.  He said the clumps mean that it's because my body has been under so much physiological stress for so long.  I should have realized that meant that I also could just plain get sick.

I didn't remember the exposure when I wasn't hungry last night or when my stomach was very upset today.  My boss even said something about looking pale.  I thought it was stress.  Well, finally I saw the pt. and was reminded of the contagion.  I had to leave my next pt. rather abruptly to get to a bathroom.  But after that I felt less like vomiting, just not great.  I came home and climbed in bed with warm clothes and could not get warm.  Finally I took my temperature.  After getting sick of inaccurate readings I bought the old fashioned, wait 4 minutes kind a while back.  It's shown a few fevers during whooping cough or whatever.  I was very surprised though that my temp is 100.  Which is a pretty good fever for an adult.  So now I'm on forced fluids, tried crackers and decided no, will be taking pre-emportory zofran for nausea as vomiting gets so much screwed up we've decided to try to avoid it, have 2 heavy fleece sweatshirts and every allergen-proofed blanket I own on and the heat up, and am trying to remember how long for zofran to work enough to take tylenol.  I was supposed to work tomorrow and I suspect that just moved to Sunday.

On the very positive side I'm in my training period at work, meaning I am salaried as I'm expected to have lots of training time in the office.  I couldn't figure out how come each check has been significantly less (while I've been doing more in office work as I've had help allowing that).  Finally today I was able to get the right person to look and turns out that the computer system change they did in December took me off salary and I am owed nearly $3000.  This explains why paying bills has been so painful.

And there is nothing like a tuna scented cat in your face when you are nauseous.


Michal Ann said...

Well, I guess the "nest egg" of the back salary will come in very handy! I'm sorry that if it's not one thing it's another!! ((((hugs))))

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Dang, can't get a break from the winter illnesses! But woohoo on the back pay!!! Make them pay it with a separate check if you can or it'll really bump you up on your next check and a big chunck will go to uncle Sam....