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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Not a lot to say.  I worked today, and had a few hours I still owed them to finish up a few more of the approximately 10 million online classes required when you start working for this company.  I have not enjoyed them because most of them have been about things I already had been doing daily for 6 months when hired.  I was smart enough to get the worst of those out of the way.  I thought I was down to about 6 classes before the bigger medical condition units, which would have meant today I nearly finished but instead the computer system tracking things is back up (mostly) and there are more.  That probably means some of the annual stuff has come due now too.  The classes I have left tend to be very tangential to what I do.  I understand knowing about how the whole agency works, but it's pretty boring to do 45 minutes of learning about a computer program I don't even have.

I wish I could just get to my appt. with Dr. Body on Tuesday.  I have so many things I'm not sure how to plan, only that I have to do whatever it takes at this point to heal and get my life back.  Any messing with my psych meds makes me terrified and I hope they listen to me or Dr. Brain as I can tell them several relatively easy ways to keep me nicely sedated that won't mess things up too much.  My greatest fear is that my psych meds will get out of whack and take a while to readjust and I'll struggle through that time.

I've asked my family about a zillion times to pick dates for family photos b/c the cost was about to go up.  I got a couple non-committal answers and nothing else.  This morning I just wrote to everyone that I'd decided on a day and was putting my foot down.  My sister didn't like this.  She probably will like less the huge email she got with all the reasons I have to be stressed and a little grouchy, including that I don't want to have to deal with the photo thing just after the hospital.  I'm also frustrated because I thought this was such a good idea and nobody acts particularly interested or excited, and I have worked so very hard to find a photographer, get the right sized package together, save the money to do this, and I can't get anyone to engage, despite siblings agreeing to this months ago before I really delved into it.

And I'm actually getting sleepy without meds.  That means I've got to get meds in me NOW.


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