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Monday, January 03, 2011

Drat. Or not. who knows.

I just got a call to cancel my appointment with Dr. Mind.  This was an added appointment but it was in order to keep it to a week between appointments as he took last Thursday, my usual day, off.  And we've had so many gaps that I'm really struggling.  He's sick.  He does not cancel sick often so I know he's plenty sick but I really needed this appointment, enough that I was going in sick myself.  Oh well, it just means I need to stay home and rest a lot.  Which I really already knew.

I think I'm feeling a lot of stress because I have had very limited access to him since late October, probably the worst it has ever been between my sickness and his schedule and my inability to pop in during my lunch break.  That means that I've just held everything in for the most part and that is a very, very bad idea.

Or we're playing crazy day.  I just got another call, he was only canceling for the morning and can move me to another time today as long as he feels better.  I probably should just stay home as this means my planned afternoon of sleep is not happening, but I really need the help with stress.  Once again he's being extra-kind, creating a spot for me and offering to create another on the weekend if that didn't work that I can't take as it's the same time I meet with Dr. Brain.

Now I need to find Immodium.  I already had diarrhea when I took my AM meds which I did kind of in a fog and I stupidly took my laxative.  As in the prescription one that is strong enough that despite years of nothing else working I only take half of what is prescribed of this stuff on a normal basis because it works exceedingly well.  I guess my belly needs to settle after all.  The problem is that I cannot find anything of the sort, meaning I may not have any.  I just don't get this problem.......

And then maybe I'll nap a couple hours.  I went to bed really early last night (actually I fell asleep without meaning to) and slept clear until 7 when I woke up sick again for the 3rd time but I'm still pretty sleepy.  So we'll see if I can get some more rest.  Assuming I can stand to make my snuggly happy old cat move and go set an alarm clock, find the immoidium, and maybe even get sheets (that's why I didn't mean to fall asleep yesterday, I had no sheets or pillowcases on the bed and was waiting for my sheets to dry).

This is annoying, I keep telling myself now that I should take this as a sign to stay home, and that has more to do with not starting to break down the walls surrounding so many things I have to cope with because they've been on hold for 2 months.  If we'd just stuck to the schedule I'd be fine.  Oh well, I need to go and the fact that going is hard is exactly why.


Michal Ann said...

Your title is "Drat. Or not. Who knows." I'm going with "or not." You might feel reluctant to talk to Dr. Mind at the same time you really want to open up but the reason for the irregular schedule today doesn't have anything to do with your ambivalence. He's sick, you're exhausted.

I'm very happy to hear that Anna's playful and happy and even had a great night's sleep. Good news.

Feel better, o.k.??

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Boy its been the month for illness up your way. Hoping Dr. Mind feels better and you can get together next week