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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I did really well here

This week in a brief discussion about my bipolar diagnosis my boss expressed concern she might need to know what to watch for, something I can't give her as there really isn't anything anymore that isn't readily seen by me or my treatment team, and I don't do things like stop meds or the like, period.

I thought a long time about how to answer.  Then I realized it was obvious.

As for your question about what you may need to watch for in me?  I finally realized the answer.  You've known me for nearly 9 months.  So the same things you would have thought 4 weeks ago.:)  OR even better, back before I got whooping cough since that has screwed with me in all kinds of ways for way too long.
 Let's just say I can think of at least 5 med changes for various sx I've been through since you've known me and none has impacted things like this stupid asthma  or seeemed to make anyone worry. Which we are praying will be controlled very soon.
I'm still just me.  Just with another word that describes part of me that has little power over me

I think that's one of the first times I've told someone and absolutely not apologized or let them think they could think differently about me  and that this was ok.  I think this is my blanket statement from now on.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Very good!! You should never apologize for an illness, and I am saddened that you have felt you had to in the past.

Maybe she was thinking in the idea of having a employee that once in a while would need medical help at work. I had a fragile diabetic as an employee and she educated me on what to do if she had taken too much insulin and not enough food, and I had another one who was asthmatic and had special emergency nebulizer supplies to use when occasionally we had to call an ambulance for her.

Jean Grey said...

This is really good. I need to disclose a little more at work, and I'm not sure how to phrase things. I actually work in a really supportive place, for once. I'm not trying to make excuses- but I think I owe it to the people I work with to give a little bit of an explanation why I can be so different on different days, etc.