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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Devoid of creativity

I have no clue what to title this.  I am not sure what I'm going to say which probably contributes to that.

Another week down.  I am starting to feel better both emotionally and physically.  Slowly but definitely.  I still need more rest than is humanly possible but I haven't had a wheezing episode in 2 1/2 days.  I haven't even used the nebulizer in 2 days

Dr. Mind and I have worked together on this covering the face thing and at least have a plan.  It may wind up being just plain weird and may or may not be effective, but since I have been trying to practice covering my face for a while in a safe place and not panic and discovered my limit for this is short and that I need someone helping me stay calm.  So we're going to make some kind of tape to help me relax, talk me through covering my face and hopefully gradually increase to a reasonable amount of time.  We'll see how well it works but it is all I can come up with.  I also made a list of things that make me feel constricted and afraid and realized that this fear impacts everything I wear, how I sleep, sometimes even where I go.  It helped to see that I survive a lot of times I am not enjoying things.

Not much else.  Today I'm going to see Dr. Brain and then my car gets its first oil change.  It's growing up, my little Forester......

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Jealous of your Forester - I have an aging old tired Ford Taurus!!!

Good luck, try to conquer the face covering just at the speed you are comfortable with. A talking tape sounds like a great idea! Maybe kitty cat could be standing by as a lookout!