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Saturday, January 08, 2011

It was not a boring day

Today began early with trying to get a few things done before my trip to Dr. Brain and the car dealership for an oil change.  I knew I wouldn't be home most of the day and my washer/dryer are finally definitely coming tomorrow so I had to get the last of the walls down.  I got the drywall down this morning and tonight took down the studs that needed to come out for the delivery (some require unhooking electrical boxes and I don't know how nor do I care to learn while hurrying), stepped on a nail that went clear through the sole of my shoe but only scratched my foot (thank God as I can't have tetanus shots), took down the door, expressed a great deal of anger at people stupid enough to use nails 2 inches longer than needed then pound the ends down, making removing the doorframe 14 times harder than necessary.  Then I cleaned up enough to make it safe to walk around in there and swept up some and removed all nails that could hurt someone.

I hit a surprise lake effect snowstorm just before getting to Dr. Brain.  The last few miles of roads were bad.  I wound up going in early and so I waited 90 minutes to see her.  This was fine since I had an eval yesterday so complicated it took me probably 2.5 hours to write up, when usually I need 45 minutes to an hour outside their home.  The snow was over by the time I finished with her so I went to a store that I'd heard had overstock calendars for a dollar. Not this particular one.  Then I went to get the oil changed.  I had to argue with the maintenance guy about the mileage requirement for my car (the 2011 is different than the 2010 and since I got one of the first 11s and drive so much he'd probably never seen one, but still it was annoying and he could have put the wrong oil in and messed up my car.  That took nearly 2 hours.  But the good thing is that they put my new license plates on, which I was stressing about because of cold air and at least 15 minutes of work.

I had called in a bunch of prescriptions.  One was my Nuvigil which I pay for out of pocket but last month didn't cost anything.  The clerk told me my insurance paid so I was horrified when it didn't this month.  Turns out my favorite pharmacist used a coupon last month but didn't tell me because he didn't see me and only 1 coupon per year can be used.  Dr. Brain thought I didn't have refills on some meds that I did have them (we're out of sync because of Dr. Body doing my psych refills once after the hospital while she was off and we haven't gotten her list and my refills synced since).  Thankfully we did look.  The ones I needed from her were there.  They'd faxed a refill request for the medication I take for diabetes insipidus, called amelioride.  Amelioride is a diuretic that also regulates how much the kidney releases electrolytes.  So for someone like me with DI (I pee huge volumes of non-concentrated urine because my kidneys don't get the signal from my brain to regulate due to damage from lithium use) this diuretic actually results in urine which is more appropriately concentrated (for me it keeps me at the very last number in normal concentration; when diagnosed I was so low as to be unmeasurable, ie. pure water.  However amelioride is note a med used often at all, mainly only for people with the form of DI that I have, and DI is rare.  I spend a lot of time explaining "I do NOT have diabetes.  I have DI which is a KIDNEY problem" to healthcare professionals.  Usually they then continue to ask about my insulin needs.  Stupidly named disease.  Anyway, Dr. Body has been on vacation and his partner wrote the refill.  According to the med list in my online chart from there she wrote for the wrong form of this medication.  Somehow that turned into another error, either on the part of her staff or at the pharmacy.  Instead of the med I need I was given 2 meds.  One is another diuretic that is not electolyte saving and therefore useless since that's the only reason I take it.  Another was for a high dose blood pressure med.  If this sound familiar it is because this happened to me before; the pharmacist substituted what he thought was my dr. misspelling something instead of calling the dr.  That was when I was new to this and very fortunate I caught it.  It was my 2nd month and I went to take it and saw it said it was 1 10 mg pill and i knew what I took was not available in 10 mgs.  So I glanced at the bottle, realized it wasn't right and called the nurse to confirm.  This time I knew immediately.  The scary thing is that this is a strong blood pressure med and I have low blood pressure so this could have caused serious problems both times it's been prescribed accidentally.  Thankfully the pharmacist gave me a supply and I sent Dr. Body an email because trying to call and explain to anyone in the office is going to sound like I'm questioning the Dr. (who I don't know) and that's not it at all, just someone somewhere made a big mistake and I need it corrected.

Then I had a big argument with my mother.  I still don't even know why.  I think she's tired of me responding to stress by being grouchy and that's been common since I got sick.  2 months of grumpiness is a lot, but she has also taken "I'm a bit better the last few days" to mean "I'm better!  No more asthma.  I'm great" and that's not true.  She was actually confused that I'm still going to see a pulmonologist.  Yet I need to, everyone has agreed, partly so I have someone on my team who can admit me if i need steroids, partly because I need someone who can treat me if I do get a cold because that will make my lungs go crazy, I need to see if someone who is specialized can find any more meds I can use to get better control and less reaction to every trigger I go anywhere near, and just being checked out probably isn't a bad thing since adult whooping cough isn't common and he may know something that would help my lungs heal better.

So it was one of those days with 45 things happening at once.And now I'm falling asleep, haven't eaten supper and the cat is pestering me to feed her.  Ugh.


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I use a sawzall for those offensive bent railroad spikes in the wall!!!

Good luck with the pulmonologist!

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