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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The next part of the story

Glynnis made me laugh.   Thank you.  No need to bicker, I wish I could do it tomorrow.

I got an email from Dr. Body clearing my break from messing with asthma meds.  The rule apparently is that if I'm not having attack-induced car accidents I'm allowed to slide for a month or so.  That was a huge relief and since I see Dr. Brain in a couple weeks I will  be able to see what she can do to help with the mood being crazy before we try more stuff.

I also talked to my gynecologist.  She wants me to have the surgery done by someone who does more of these surgeries than she does.  (She specializes in uro-gyencology).  While I am doing it she is going to do a test that was determined to be not important last year, an exam of my bladder because of a history of blood in my urine.  I'm somewhat confused as I'd assumed the uterine thing probably did that, but there is a strong impression being made that although this is most likely benign it's time to be careful.  She wants it done in the next few months because of this as well.

The problem is that it's going to be July or August before I can do it.  I'm going on vacation at the end of May-early June and all my accrued time off up to that moment is already going to be used up.  Plus realistically the fastest it would be done is mid-May because there are several weeks needed to consult with the 2 surgeons, and Dr. Brain will need to have input into the safety and possibly the psychological effects of doing it with/without anesthesia.  She things it will be easy enough but I have decided after some thought that this has to be done without me aware.  I'm happy if they sedate me heavily as I can't have general anesthesia easily with the MAOI, but although I've handled several exams well lately I can't handle this.  I'm going to be sure Dr. Mind agrees, but I think the risk of triggering PTSD is greater than the benefits of not being sedated as we're talking a somewhat extended period of time with the exam, the removal of the polyp/could be fibroid, presumably cautery to stop bleeding, I believe biopsy of tissue nearby to be sure, then the scope of my bladder.  I know that if I explained the situation at work they would give me unpaid days off  but I really don't want to go into "I have another health problem" if I can avoid it.  That few months also lets me cope a little better with it all since my ability to cope with medical issues is currently just not there.  And she said a few months is ok.  Truthfully, while this is a nice size compared to my uterus it's not that huge and it's clearly been in there at least a year, so no matter what it is a few months of growing is not that important, especially because it is most likely benign.  And really?  I'd be surprised if 2 surgeons can schedule something together all that quickly when it's not emergent.  If she wants it out sooner I'll do what i have to, but I am hoping to not really tell work what is going on because I'm embarrassed by all my health issues this year.  The other thing is that one reason I like this doctor is that she is aware that these things are very hard for me and that I will avoid them if needed and she's blunt.  Blunt as in "you can wait a few months, no longer.  Your age makes cancer less likely but we need to biopsy this."

So, here goes medical adventure #120341 and also the "yay there WAS a reason for my episodes of pelvic pain in the last year or so and I wasn't making it up"........


Michal Ann said...

Nope, you weren't making it up. You recognized pain when you were in pain.

Overall, this is a good report.

Staying tuned....

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I know what you mean about the "reason for the pelvic pain" being real!!! I'm with Glynnis get it done quickly so we can get on with our lives! :) However, I understand about needing to wait for vacation time. Please be on the lookout for symptoms getting worse tho. More breakthrough bleeding, blood in your urine etc you might need to get this taken care of a little sooner.

Glynis Jolly said...

You are a mess right now. If you trust your doctor, do as she says. Keep us posted as to what happens next.