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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I just moved a pint of worms

This post is written to avoid the real reason I'm tired and upset and can't sleep.  Maybe tomorrow we'll go there.  (ETA:written Friday.  Posted today.  Keep falling asleep).

There's something you don't say every day.....I finally realized why my worms are so important to me.  Being sick and exhausted for so incredibly long has cost me most hobbies I enjoy.  I don't have energy for much of anything.The worms, on the other hand, don't take a lot.  Some food once a week, occasionally soaking newspaper and cardboard and adding bedding and moving worms in dangerous places (the water collection tank, the lid) to safer locales.

Anyway, I'm working on preparing to harvest the top bin.  I'm doing this a bit differently than directions I"ve read; i'm putting the new stuff in the middle tray because I want empty both the top and bottom ones soon and and for complicated reasons the middle made the most sense.  They are happily settling in there and there were so many on the remains of last week's feeding I couldn't even guess.  I'm pretty sure I overfed tonight and will pay for that with bugs, but that's another hope for the middle tray; less chances for bugs.

I've been tryin to lure the remainging worms in the top to one corner so I can move them to the middle tray.  Thus far that isn't working overly well.  So I started sifting through and removing as many as possible.  For whatever reason the top tray is nearly all babies (I assume the adults headed south and then the eggs hatched) and they are hard to pick up b/c they start about __ long and not much wider.  I now proudly have learned how to pick them up safely.  So I sifted through the compost and moved as many worms and the clump of dirt/bedding they were handing onto if relevant into a jar then into the lower bin.  I think I spent an hour of my life on worm maintenance today.  But I know what is going on in each level, I know the big worms are on the bottom for some reason, I cleaned out the drain and am able to drain off liquid fertilizer again, and  I know I have  happy, healthy worms and a lot of compost as well.  Yay.  I may only have one hobby, and it may be limited, but it is something at least.

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Michal Ann said...

I'm glad your hobby is satisfying! Go Jen!