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Monday, May 23, 2011

A week? really?

Well, that was fun. Half a post just disappeared.

What I was saying was that I can't believe I went that long without posting and that posting is likely to be scarce for a little bit longer as I'm going on a full family vacation and have no clue how much privacy I'll have.  And I am so behind getting ready it's not even mentionable.

Last week's "plan to be here 2.5 hours" allergist appointment was 4 hours long.  Not waiting, 4 hours of tests, questions, xrays, assessments and a long talk with the dr. about different possibilities.  I still have to have blood drawn for allergy testing as one of my psych meds negates skin testing.  He had lots of god ideas and seems willing to find out precisely what is going on.  He also made a huge point of telling me how great Dr. Body is, that he truly cares about me and that he went to extremes with both a phone call and and aletter, plus detailed and extensive records from the last 8 months.  It sounds like Dr. Body made good nad sure that I'd be treated kindly and with understanding before he sent me there.  After other experiences that was so kind of him.  He took me off the med I hated most and I'm trialing 3 others. Right now I'm still trialing the one I was on before at a lower dose.  So far no difference from being on symbicort except that my raspy voice is much better and I think I have a better appetite and maybe sleep, although tonight isn't so good.  I got wound up tonight somehow.

My biggest news is that my mixed episode is finally well and truly, for all intents and purposes, over.  I still am just a little sensitive to noises and a little emotional but nothing big or even that unusual for me.

And now I am falling asleep and can't type.  I'll try to write again tomorrow.  I should have time in the morning.  I hope.

Miss you all.  Hopefully work will calm down.  the big thing last week was I got scheduled for day that was impossible and thought my supervisor had approved it when it wasn't her writing at all.  Duh.

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