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Monday, May 02, 2011

Title? Inspiration? Vicodin......

Vicodin is eating my brain.

I know the best way to get rid of blog readers to to whine about how you hurt every day.  So I'm not doing that.  But I do want to tell you that I am not posting because I am still having a lot of pain and that since this is the pain that means the cyst drained fluid into my abdomen, a place that prefers to be free of loose blood or whatever the heck is in the cyst, so I'm in for a few more days of hurting until it's absorbed.  Which means probably not a lot of interesting blog posting as my "do what it takes to work, get notes done, eat daily, drink water, take meds, get 5 hours of sleep, see therapists, otherwise forget about it' approach to survival right now does not allow for vicodin ingestion, need to lay in one specific position or else be moving in a specific posture.  This does not fit into what I have been trying to do.

So that means blogging is possibly less likely unless you want to hear in detail about the cyst which I have decided to name Brenda.  Brenda was a friend who hurt me about as badly as anyone on earth when I changed from the person she knew to the undiagnosed manic version of me.  Brenda is someone I would not mind having removed from my life with a knife; it would have hurt less than her way of doing it, aka the completely chicken way of pretending things are fine and then letting me know they were not by not inviting me to her wedding that I had made plans to attend months before since I was supposed to be a guest.

We'll see if more interesting stuff comes up tomorrow......

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

My first kidney stones were Larry Moe and Curley. I was very glad to be rid of them. You will be glad Brenda is gone too!!!