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Monday, May 16, 2011

She's BAACK........

More than one meaning there.

Meaning one:  Brenda the ovarian cyst has decided it's time she speak up and tell us how little she likes being confined to a tiny little ovary and so she thinks she'll take a tiny ice pick and try to ease her way out.  I don't like Brenda.

Meaning 2:  I'm feeling better.  That is huge.  My asthma/allergies are taking a turn for the worse but my mood is continuing to stabilize by the day.  Friday I had a very, very bad day but by today was ok with it all.  I did the right thing and unfortunately their was some conflict.  But I had no choice.

Meaning 3:  I am apparently still capable of huge errors.  I don't know if I wrote about paying Discover $500 but entering $5000.  Not surprisingly they didn't want to give that up despite the fact that I did not have $5000 in my account.  So today I went to pay for something and overpaid by $550.  Thankfully that was immediately refunded.  Yet I did not panic and that is huge, another sign I'm getting better.  Dr.Brain is wondering if one of my astma meds makes my bipolar meds work a little too well in the sedation area while not giving me the full benefit of the actual med.

Meaning 4:  I'm being thankful tonight.  I am curled up with one cat with the other inches away and after filling out asthma paperwork for the allergist later this week I realized how fortunate that I"m not reacting to them.  There is just no way that I am giving either of them up or changing our routines, no matter what the allergist says.  There are few changes I won't make but that one is non-negotiable.

Falling asleep, better send....

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Michal Ann said...

Oh so thankful for the report that you're doing better. I hope Brenda leaves soon!