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Saturday, May 28, 2011

should be slowing down

Today was the beginning of vacation.  I have now has my allergy test labs done, (as well as a titer to make sure I'm immune to chicken pox; I had an extremely mild case as an infant and that may not have be enough and with my crazy immune system knowing I have an issue is better than not),  had this new type of pedicure that uses UV light to dry the stuff so there is no smell which means no asthma attacks; problem is that I didn't get everything I paid for and am waiting to hear back about that.  But it was ok because I didn't have time anyway.  Then I did all those stupid packing related things to be ready to leave, including stalking my cat, and got in about 5 hours of driving, with a break to drop off the cats and a few rest stops.  I really wanted to finish driving through Virginia but it was getting dark and rainy and I'm in the mountains so I figured since I also needed gas and was getting cold I might as well call it quits.  One benefit of asthma:  I get to justify to myself staying at nicer hotels than my thrifty self would usually choose because the cleaner the better, so I'm in a lovely place tonight, and actually for a good price.  I did two good things:  one was that I let myself sleep in a bit today.  The other is that I let myself leave an uncleaned house.  I am starting to feel more able to do that now, but not the major work that would be needed to recover for these last months.  Regardless, it s HUGE that today I felt well enough to want to do that.

(Written Saturday AM:  Even better is that I feel ok waking up today.  Still sleep of course and would love to sleep 45 more minutes but my body and mind are at war with getting PM meds out of my system and AM  meds in.  And I'm excited which makes me more wide awake.  Oh well.)

Overall I'm doing a little better.  Using the nebulizer is very helpful and I now have a fancy pants model that can be used in the car. It's pretty neat.  I also can take allergy meds now because I've had my test.  So that's good.  Dr. Body agreed that until allergy season is over anything can happen.I hope we're both wrong.

More from the ocean, after only another 8 hours of travel.......:)

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