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Monday, May 02, 2011

Oh, yeah, THIS is of substance

It would help if i felt like linking back, but some of you may remember me asking you signatures on a petition to free a Pakistani woman who had been imprisoned very unfairly and sentenced to death.  I learned today that she has been freed and is in hiding.  I would assume she'll be heavily seeking asylum as I cannot imagine her life to be long in Pakistan,  hiding or not.  The political mess there must be really fired up right now and she's an excellent scapegoat of what happens when the west interferes.

(As an aside, I understand that when the SEALs went into Bin Laden's home it was knowing that there would likely be death.Even the use of a woman, one of his wives, as a shield is pretty predictable. And while I'm sure they tried to not kill her, in a way the loss of one innocent life in what had to have been a very nervous, agitated, fearful bunch of people, is rather amazing that it was only one.   I can imagine that it was vast confusion in that house and a lot of bullets flying could have killed any number of people.  But I can't stop wondering if you have to shoot at someone is it easier to shoot at someone dressed in a berka versus someone you can see?  Because i don't have tv and didn't feel like checking the news today I didn't find out about all of this until a patient told me.  One of my immediate reactions was to say that I hope that it was not the show-and-tell of Saddam Hussein's death.  That was a reason among many I gave up TV; those images were haunting, upsetting and I could not avoid them.  It seems we have avoided that, but again, how much did the woman in the berka count versus a man with a visible face?  don't know why i can't stop thinking of this, but it is not a happy thought.)

On the positive, the woman is freed and if i feel better and remember I'll link back.


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Jean Grey said...

The woman may not have been covered, as she was in her own home in a room with only relatives. Just a thought. I'm glad that the other woman is at least out, if not out of the country. And thanks for introducing me to the website for petitions.

Michal Ann said...

More news is coming out as the "smoke clears." I hear that one of the women from the other two families was killed in the crossfire. A wife of bin Laden apparently rushed a SEAL and was shot in the leg. I, too, doubt that women wear burkas when at home with family.

Very good news about the other woman.