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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm really back online, but am not typing much, hence the scarce postings.  I am definitely not having a painfree recovery.  I'm ok but need pain meds frequently.  I have an incision in the most annoying place and it's the one everything was done through so it is more sore and constantly aggravated.  Mostly I am laying down except for my social times or the short walks I'm trying daily.  Today I went out and realized it was sprinkling and we had a visitor; it was a good thing he came because I didn't start walking before realizing it was going to rain and it went from sprinkles to pouring rapidly and I would have been drenched waddling back.

I got my pathology report yesterday and while there were a bunch of abnormalities there wasn't really a diagnosis.  Well, there was but it just means heavy, violently irregular, painful periods.  There wasn't anything like fibroids.  Apparently this is common and even I know that I can't freak out about that because something was clearly very wrong.

Today has been a panic about pain meds.  They only gave me a 5 day supply and I've backed off as much as possible but mostly need them consistently still, especially if I am up and moving which is of course good.  I called and didn't hear back and had to call again and explain that my only means of getting them meant i needed the pills by 4:30.  The message had not been taken correctly and so there was confusion but my mom is picking up more meds now.  I hope.  I really hope for a larger supply this time because it's been hard to admit that I need consistent meds when the bottle was emptying rapidly.  I can't imagine I'll be totally off for a while.

My life is pretty limited right now.  I'm still at my mom's and will be for a while as I can't drive or get into my shower or do many things that would mean she'd need to come up daily to help.  I take a shower when my mom is home in case I fall or have problems.  That is usually enough to require a nap.  I try to sort of get dressed daily but am limited by my enormously swollen belly and that stupid incision.  Most days I take 2-3 naps.  Today I've had only one which is not good but the med stuff prevented sleep.  My emotions are kind of touchy which is normal.  I heat foods and am going to make scrambled eggs later today.  Mostly my mom cooks.  I get my own drinks and of course drink tons.  One good effect has been that my uterus must have been pushing on my bladder and I can fully empty it for the first time in years.  I suspect my frequent UTIs are done.  I'm trying to do little things, like move my laundry into the dryer from the washer.  I can't carry it up right now because I need the hand rails to be sturdy on those particular steps.  I put things in the sink and the like.  It's tough because I want to do more and my belly says no.  I don't spend much time upright which is why I'm not updating much.  In fact it is past time to lay down now.

I'll be writing more as I can sit more.  I can't lay in the right position to type; I know there is one but the belly says no.

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Michal Ann said...

Thanks for the update, Jen. I'm glad your mom is able to help you...and gets there soon with the medication. You're doing all the right things. I'm thrilled about the naps, water, walks, meals...you're on top of it. I believe your pain will lessen significantly in the near future because you are on the mend.

I'm sure you miss your kitties but keep your chin up. You're in the midst of a rainbow shift.

(((gentle hugs))) Michal

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