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Monday, September 03, 2012

Less than a week

I'll be done with surgery by a week from now. 12 hours from now I will finally know what is going on with the process (things like do I have to do a bowel prep? Can I do it early if needed so that we can drive up the morning of surgery instead of having to get motel rooms? How are we managing pain? Are all my psych needs set up (probably; Dr. Mind and Dr. Sweetheart having been communicating a good bit); how long are lifting restrictions REALLY? (last year she didn't really restrict but I was told a restriction); how long until I can do the low impact aerobics I've been doing pretty regularly until last week), etc. Knowing those things will make this much, much easier. Knowledge is control to me. I am at the hotel in Cleveland right now. I once again was upgraded to a suite with a whirlpool tub. I was disappointed though because in July that really helped with the pain. This time not so much. But the pain is different now so I suppose that makes sense. However, having a fridge is great since I bring my own food. I don't have $ to buy it for one thing but aside from Subway connected to the hotel this neighborhood isn't bad but it is probably inner city and the next few blocks are not the best part of the city. So I have to either eat subway (which I ate too many times in my working years and now really don't like) or bring a cooler. The cooler works great, especially in times like now when not all food tastes good because I'm so nervous. I have organized everything for tomorrow. I had trouble last year because the bag I brought was pretty full of knitting and I didn't have enough hands or space to get around the hospital quickly and easily. So this year I'm consolidating and not taking my purse. I distractedly brought most of my knitting with finished hats on the looms but forgot the needle I need to do this. So I have a lot less to keep my hands busy tomorrow unless I can find a needle somewhere. Oh well. I have my Nook, I just don't have the ability to sit still and read. I also forgot the headphones for my iPod (or at least the ones that aren't bulky and look like I'm in a recording studio) so I won't be using that for calm tomorrow. I need to move some klonopin from my med box to my backpack so I have that if i need it. I have no permission o to take extra but I finally gave up on calling Dr. Brain's office when they are open (I am asleep a lot of that time and forget the rest) and emailed her, and if I take a few extra I really don't care. She said I'd be able to have more before surgery but not how much or when. I should have gotten specifics from her when I was in her office. But I've been on much more before so I know this is fine. I am usually a super organized packer. This time not only did I forget my needle I also for my patches. I didn't put on one today and I wouldn't need another so didn't bring one. Not a big deal but again, atypical. Not much else to say. I just want this week to be over. And then I will be able to focus on healing well so I'm all ready for the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving. I have post-op about 2 weeks before we go so I'll be released to lift and play with my girlie just in time since I am riding down with them. 12 hours in a car with a 2 year old......I'm gathering supplies now. Until I am released for lifting and everything is relatively healed it's just too hard to be with Anne. She could understand that I can't pick her up and she needs to crawl up on my lap, but she's not much for being held except when being read to. Which I can do for hours but she needs to be busy. And she is used to having Aunt Jen sit on the floor and play with her, as well as do things nobody should do after 20, like rolling down hills. It's just hard to feel safe that she wouldn't accidentally hit a sore spot. Last year I was fine with her in about a month but this is different surgery. Hopefully I'll be doing great in a few weeks but I'll have internal stitches for 6-8 weeks that need to stay intact. I keep saying this; I don't know what else to say. I'm just glad to be here but I'm scared of next Monday. Oh well, I made it here with very heavy rain hitting just as I got to the part that I don't know as well and I actually remembered how to get here and did not freak out about the rain and need to go slowly in more traffic that I'm used to (aka ANY traffic). Getting here on my own is a big accomplishment and should mean next week I can get us to the hospital (make it to here and then drive a while). Can't wait to be done! Copyright 2006 www.masterofirony.blogspot.com

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Michal Ann said...

Hey, Jen! I'm sorry you forgot some of your important comfort measures but you can make a GREAT list from the paragraph you wrote about those items. I developed quite a few helpful hints to have a successful C-section. There weren's any Nooks or I-pads in those days not that there are any in my current world either. My little grandkids handle those things easily.

So glad you have the deluxe suite!

I missed a couple days checking on you because I had a sudden opportunity to help my son move to the eastern side of Washington state. He's been a personal trainer for 10 years and developed a lot of strong relationships with his clients so it was hard to close his business in the Seattle area. He's mentored many through major life challenges so some were in tears that he's leaving to set up a gym in a little resort town called Chelan. It was very good to work with him and his girlfriend to pack a 26 foot U-Haul and help with the last cleaning tasks. I haven't spent that kind of time with him in quite awhile. I look forward to a trip over the mountain passes to see him in his new life.

Like you wrote, we go from literal baby steps to other milestones along the way...and life goes on.

People like to say "Life is hard then you die." I say "Life is hard and then you DON'T die." It's challenging to carry on but carry on we must.

You're doing so well, Jen. Re-read Becky's recent comment for great encouragement. You deserve it!

Hugs, Michal