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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


If you pray please do for Geraldine.  I'm too tired and emotionally drained to get into this right now but Geraldine has one of 5 conditions, all of which are serious and the best of which means she'll have surgery soon and has a higher risk of cancer from just the one most likely diagnosis than you ever, ever want someone you love who can't even hold her head up yet to face.  If it isn't that or way, way, way worse cancers she will have spina bifida.  Regardless she's not going to have a completely normal life unless the MRI shows that all this is nothing and that's not likely at all.  And that kills me because I didn't get to have a normal life and all I wanted for my nieces was for them to get a shot at that and here already she has health issues that mean she's going to have some problems and she's not even 2 weeks old.

On the plus side I can say that she is lovely.  She has very delicate features and is very small boned.  Anne always has been sturdy but Geraldine is not.  Her features are delicate and sweet and she has absolutely enormous blue, blue, blue eyes.  My mom says that my eyes were that color and for a time they were nearly purple.  She doesn't fuss much and if you hold her she snuggles in to you.

Anne doesn't know what is wrong (neither do we, we just know what is suspected and what has to be ruled out) but she knows that there were crying parents today and that something about the baby has them worried.  We were there today and were able to distract her while her parents went to my sister's follow-up appointment and she was doing better, as were they after they took a little time to drive around and cry and talk.

It's just so hard to fathom that a 10 day old baby has something seriously wrong that needs to be removed ASAP and that if it is what they think it is it is extremely rare, 1:40.000 births. 

I'll explain more when I can but that may be a while.  If this moves as fast as it sounds like we will just about be able to get our heads in line with it before it all takes off.

It feels like the whole world has changed today.  They started building my new home and I don't even care.

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