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Saturday, August 17, 2013

How much stress can I aquire in 2 days?

OK, brief recap: -Monday I was told that closing would probably be Thursday or Friday. That left me closing then, Saturday Dr. Brain (and 5.5 hours of driving), Monday Dr. Mind (and I predicted the baby would come then weeks ago because of my signing being that day but the C-section is scheduled for the 23rd). -I had to request Friday after tripping while putting gas in my car and banging up my knee so that I couldn't finish emptying the house Monday. -Wednesday I found out that there were remaining title issues but not what. Closing would not be Friday, hopefully Monday, the original date. -Thursday I meet with the title people, including their attorney (my attorney). There are significant issues that were not handled properly regarding the mortgages held by the people I bought the house from. They have no idea where one mortgage came from at all, the prior owners won't return calls, the old title co. went under and they are having trouble getting the old files checked for this information. I may have to go to court. Today I didn't hear anything about title progress. I did find out that the buyer is probably invested enough financially to not walk away immediately and the title people are going as fast as possible. Signing could happen next week. It all depends on the people with the old file and finding that one lender. Otherwise I guess we file legal papers to get those things from the old records and the old owners if needed. It just sucks to have to wait. I had no way of knowing this was an issue 10 years ago. I sure wish I had. I was better at fighting back then. My mom and I accidentally at least found the government program where the mystery 3rd mortgage came from; the names are reversed in my paperwork. Hopefully that helps. My sister's C-section was moved up to Monday morning so I predicted the birthday but my closing won't happen. We aren't sure how we're handling puppy care. I woke up and just didn't feel up to facing the world yet. I went back to bed and my mom came upstairs for the first time in weeks and made noise until I got up. So much for being allowed to be depressed. She's trying, she really is, but she is comparing all the losses I've faced in the past few years (job, identity, house, fertility followed by a week with 2 babies being born (my niece and my cousin's daughter will be 5 days apart), and I'm probably forgetting some. Grieving is hard. IT's harder when you can't just do what you need to. I got my mail and was approved for disability Medicaid. That sounds good after being uninsured for so long but it's not. This only kicks in after I spend more then 2/3 of my income on medical bills in any given month. Since there is no way I will ever do that because I CAN'T (I like to eat and pay for my car and the like) I don't know what good this actually does. I'd default on the medical bill before I could risk that. But I'm terrified because I'm afraid they'll tell me that I no longer get charity care from Dr. Brain's hospital and I cannot go 6 months without psychiatric visits, nor can I pay for them. Without a negotiated rate each one of those is around $450. There is also a higher risk of hospitalization as I have to go through the grief process again, and my family doctor really wants me to see a neurologist about the migraines. (8 days without one! Longest time since June. I think menopause is advancing; I have a LOT more hot flashes now and I think that's the migraine cause) but the hope is that a neurologist working with Dr. Brain may come up with something that I can take to actually help them. I probably also need an MRI or CT; that's only a guess. The gyn may need to be involved; this may force the hand on trying low dose hormones although nobody wants to. So back to the Medicaid, I called my caseworker at Cleveland Clinic and left a message about whether I would be ineligible for assistance but she didn't answer. All this time I"ve avoided applying for this because my prior caseworkers agreed that it doesn't make sense that I could give up that much of my income just to have Medicaid pay for anything beyond say 1 day in the hospital. So I think charity care is probably still there for me, but I need to KNOW something, anything. I feel like my life has gotten dumped into one of those rock tumblers the last few days. The ones for kids that require days of patient waiting to get a smooth-ish rock. Copyright 2006 www.masterofirony.blogspot.com

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Rachael said...

Here's praying for smooth rocks! That makes me want to run my hand through a display bin of tumbled rocks.